Kingdom Living Temple

What Energy Efficiency Means for My Community

Here in Marion County, we have some wonderful, hardworking people. But every day, I see members of my congregation and the greater community struggle to pay their bills, get food on the table, and support their families. A large part ...
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Whitney M. Slater Foundation

The South will Rise Again

The South will rise again. This phrase resonated throughout the southern region of the United States after the defeat of the Confederacy. Well, the South has risen again, but not as the denizens of white supremacy foresaw. The South rose ...
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Why We Need to Talk About Energy and Equity Together

As we swing into Fall and welcome a change of season, I’m reminded that October marks Energy Awareness Month. This change of seasons can also mean increased penny pinching and hardship in my community. It’s an opportune time to talk ...
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New Alpha CDC

Why We Went to The Peoples Climate March

On April 29th, 2017 while 200,000 people marched in Washington, D.C. for the People’s Climate March, there were also 500 sister marches around the world. As soon as the march began, a very strong and apparent message was sent. In ...
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An Energy Efficient Future

In 1999, members from my congregation and the greater community gathered to discuss the overwhelming need for safe and energy-efficient houses in Marion County, SC. We developed the Eastern Carolina Community Development Corporation, now the New Alpha Community Development Corporation, ...
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