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The Whitney M. Slater Foundation is dedicated to continuing the aspirations and dreams of Whitney M. Slater. Whitney passed away because of Breast Cancer at the early age of 21. But, not before she began her mission to educate and empower people like herself. Her goal was to provide environmental health education, to expand breast cancer awareness, and make it possible for qualified young people to receive scholarships. In January of 2012, Whitney’s peers and community came together to form the Whitney M. Slater Foundation.

How We

We work by conducting community education campaigns, developing programs, projects, initiatives, trainings, community organiing, mobilizing, and developing strategic plans.

Areas of

  • Public Health
  • Environmental Health


The Whitney M. Slater Foundation has various projects throughout the community open to the public. Follow us on Facebook to keep up with new ventures.


The South will Rise Again

The South will rise again. This phrase resonated throughout the southern region of the United States after the defeat of the Confederacy. Well, the South has risen again, but not as the denizens of white supremacy foresaw. The South rose again under the leadership of Americans like the Reverend Martin Luther King, Jr., who made the promised potentiality of democracy more accessible to those who had been excluded. This was the civil rights movement. In the 1980s and 1990s, the … Read More





We are a non-profit organization and accept donations



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